To Use A Dummy, Or Not To Use A Dummy.

(This is an updated version of a blog post from an old blog.)
There seems to be a question that every parent to be hsa to face at one point…

Should we use a Dummy?

In the words of the Good Lady Wife on Facebook:

It’s amazing how great plans for parenthood can go out of the window once you are a parent! I always said I’d avoid using a dummy, but at this moment in time I am so glad that I have one. Kate hasn’t had a solid chunk of sleep this afternoon, so she’s tired, and I’m tired & have backache from constantly carrying her around/holding her. She’s been changed LOTS, isn’t hungry but does keep yawning & dozing off for a few mins. A dummy in and she’s fallen asleep to the extent that she didn’t wake when I put her in the Moses basket! Silence is golden!

Heres the thing.

I’m not sure exactly when we made up our minds on this, it could have been just over the last few months, it might have even been way before the Good Lady Wife was even pregnant. But either way, at some point we had the chat. You know, the “chat” when you and your wife / girlfriend / boyfriend / husband / pet dog / parenting partner / whatever, sit down and talk “dummies”. Specifically, are you, or are you not going to have a dummy pushed into the face of your baby?

I’ll be blunt.

This isn’t something we researched, it was a quick conversation, and it was based on the image of toddlers having dummies pushed into their mouths whenever they tried to talk.

So. We said no. Not going to use a dummy.

If our child has something to scream about, we need to work out what it is, and there was also some comment about teeth growth as well…

So no. No dummies.

Then one morning… Hospital-Teddy

The first morning of our child’s life. At about 3 ish. There I am. Tired and putting one foot in font of the other. Walking away from my wife who’s just emerged from an operation, down the labor ward corridor to find my daughter in the Intensive Care section of Neonatal. My head is all over the place. In the last few hours I had said goodbye to my wife as staff got her ready for an operation, and I had seen an oxygen mask over my daughters face as she was rushed to Intensive Care.

While I was walking along, lost in my world of worry, I looked up and saw one of wonderful neonatal nurses who was looking after my daughter come the other way to find me.

She was smiling.

Thank God.

She explained to me that Kate was struggling to settle, and the she was coming up to ask if we minded them trying a dummy.

I smiled.

Having the two most important people in your life looked after by the beautiful staff of the NHS puts things into perspective.

For a moment I laughed, then I simply said: “yeah”.

It’s amazing how quickly a mind can change at 3 am.

My personal take on the whole discussion about if  you should use a dummy or not; consider it as a tool in your parenting box of tricks.

If you’re after a serious list of facts about the use of dummies, I’d suggest checking out

What My Fridge Says

5 comments on “To Use A Dummy, Or Not To Use A Dummy.

  1. We always were pro dummy but i can’t think of a reason why. We just were. Although in the six months since we’ve come to learn there’s a reason the Americans call it a pacifier. But we try not to be too reliant on it.

  2. I feel for you. Sounds like a tough time.
    I know the dummy debate very well . Ted is a boob addict! He’s not hungry. He’s sucking for comfort to get back to sleep. Resulting in sometimes ‘feeds’ every 45 mins through the night. We said we would never use a dummy. By month four of no sleep we tried it. Ted wasn’t keen so we forgot about it and just dealt with it. If it had helped we would have used one. On a separate note our cranial osteopath highly recommended the use of dummies.
    Thanks for sharing this post. Look forward to reading more.

  3. We had a similar experience except we were never against it.
    I had one, my wife had one (Both kicked the habit quite some time ago mind! lol)
    Then BB was born at 35 weeks and a few hours after being born he struggled for breath and was placed in ICU. They didn’t give us the option. We just went to see him and they had given him a dummy.
    At 3.5 BB dropped it completely quite easily.
    Sometimes you just gotta do what ya gotta do!

  4. We tried one with our first and he had one for a month or so then dropped it. Our second however, loves a dummy. I think if you limit their use to naps / bedtime or if they are going nuclear, its just another weapon in your arsenal.

  5. #thesatsesh Another cracking post dude!
    I am a dummy fan. It saved my boobs from being in discomfort, meant he could self soothe and at seven months my little mans first tooth was cut….that night the dummies went in the bin, he was too young to be reliant on it and we didn’t have any issues. win, win 🙂

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