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Our Little One is very very much into watching Bing on Cbeebies, and because of the series record feature on our YouView… she seems to have discovered the joys of binge watching Bing.

Obviously this means I have also discovered the joys of watching Bing (and learning how to make the most use of its 7 minute run time). While watching the same episode for what felt like the 20th time, my wife and I started to ask ourselves a few questions, and generally over think about Bing and some of his friends:

why does pando in Bing, only wears pants? Why Does Pando keep taking off his trousers?What is the deal with Pando’s trousers?

Whenever you see him in the TV show, the guy is running around in his underwear, except for one moment at the very start when he takes his trousers off. Why doesn’t his carer type character put his trousers back on?

I guess yellow doesn’t look great on him.

On the subject of the carer type characters…

What is Flop from Bing on Cbeebies?What the actual heck is Flop?

The Cbeebies website describe Flop as Bings carer, but where is his parents?

Flop is there when Bing goes to bed, when he wakes up, Bing looks after Flop when he’s ill. If it was just Flop and Bing, I’d suggest that Bing actually had a heart breaking back story, but other characters seem to have similar carer figures. Maybe all the parents have disappeared? Maybe the carers are aliens?

Again, on the subject of the carers…

How do they get Charlie up these stairs?

Bing on Cbeebies


They’re not the tallest of characters, do they have extra powers we’ve not seen?

My last question for now is…

Is Everything a “Bing Thing”?

Is Everything a "Bing Thing"?


There were my questions, I’m going to finish by quoting someone on the Mumsnet forum who has attempted to answer some of the oddities of Bing Bunny:

I think the adults are little squishy ants because the toddlers are the main characters and subjects of each others’ interest. Adults assist and facilitate. So it’s the world from the toddler’s emotional perspective. (Bit like those diagrams showing a person with body parts in proportion to nerve endings, so relative significance within our brains).

Is there anything about Bing that you cant get your head around?

Does anyone else reckon that Bing is actually about an alien invasion?

Have I over thought this, and should I just watch some Frozen?

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15 thoughts on “Watching Bing on Cbeebies

  1. Never seen this but your post means I have to now search for it and find out why that guy isn’t wearing his trousers?!
    Happy new year 🙂

  2. I haven’t seen this! This isn’t something that my two watch or have watched. However like AJ I will look it up! It’s funny as an adult what you see within the programme that possibly the children would completely ignore. I’ve wanted to do a In the Night Garden one…..It has major issues! I have done one on Come Outside….it’ll share it in group. 🙂

  3. Very funny. Bing is a very confusing show. My little one doesn’t seem that into it, he just watches it impatiently because In the Night Garden is on afterwards.

    Flop is a strange character. So small and sweet looking, yet a husky elderly-like voice; it doesn’t really fit. In the opening credits, you see parents drop other kids off with Flop and his band of mini-carers, but you’re right when you say that there doesn’t appear to be a parent for Bing. I saw an episode where Bing didn’t want to eat because Flop wasn’t there and another carer put his plate on the table the wrong way, so maybe Bing has some type of Autistic element to him. Still doesn’t explain the lack of parents. (Unless they were horrifically murdered and Bing saw it, causing him to suffer rain-man type symptoms, and form a parent-like bond with Flop?) **Okay, that was a bit dark, sorry.

  4. We’ve had the same conversation about the carers being aliens. They are very strange. We’ve just watched the episode called toy party and the kids go to the aliens and they are drinking from mugs with space patterns on! oooo errrr

  5. This is exactly spot on. At first I thought Flop was Bing’s adopted or foster dad but all the toddlers have similar caters. Bing has known cousins so where are the birth mum & dad bunnies?! The carers look like toys…

  6. Hi. My little one also enjoys watching B!ng, and my partner and I also wonder about pando’s pants :’)

    You make some very good points with this show, but make a statement for another show?

    “Everything’s Rosie”. Personally I think its about the imagination of the girl, Rosie, but I’m really just not sure. Its another one where there are no parents featured. Most peculiar.

  7. Bing is actually a sci-fi about a planet where two sentient species have evolved a symbiotic relationship. One species is very intelligent, but weak and small, the other of limited intellect, but can grow to be very large and strong. The part of the planet where Bing is filmed is actually a creche or giant kindergarten where the smarter species can form a bond with the powerful, but still very young second species. In adulthood, both species essentially never leave each others side and go through live together to affront all the situations we have here on earth.

    There are soldiers, lawyers, politicians, craftspeople etc etc, but always in a pair, one strong, one smart.

    1. That’s the best way to look at the show. I just thought of as a weird “logans run” thing. All the parents were just too old and weird robotic toys take care of the children. Lol 🙂

  8. Bing and Pando may have parents but its also possible they don’t. Neither of them are dropped off to their carers as when you watch the “Hoppity Voosh in the Garden after dark” episode, Pando actually LIVES “next door”.
    Neither of them are in preschool either.
    Most carers are ants, with the exception of Amma – Sula’s carer who is a baby elephant from the Carribean (Watch the Musical Statues issue when she tells them all to “Focus” and Pando doesn’t get it and Bing imitates Amma’s accent.
    Both Bing and Pando have some developmental issues. If you watch the “Swing” episode, Pando comes in with his pants and kicks them off and his carer picks them up and folds them – he may not like polyester and be suffering from eczema. Autism / ADHD red flags are when he becomes hyperactive and carer tries to calm him down. Others are when Pando doesn’t want to get off the swing and knows people are calling him to but just keeps going.
    Flop is an ant. This explains the super strength in getting Charlie up those stairs with baby elephant Amma.

  9. #thesatsesh I’ve recently banned CBeebies – its all too high pitch. Its a disney DVD or nothing. I hated those twins, bing is bonkers and Charlie and Lola are obnoxious lol….i also should get out more. Fab most, so gad you popped back.

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